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#BCPOLI Hotstove: No Super Bowl for you!

Jordan Bateman Large
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This week's Hotstove punts on Super Bowl parties, feels the pocket collapse on COVID-19 vaccines, scouts upcoming contests, and Jordan gets flagged for excessive geekery.

Maclean and Jordan try to overcome crushing morosity to talk pandemic, vaccinations, Super Bowl party rules, ICBC rebates, the still! not yet officially on BC Liberal leadership race, and (in Jordan’s single geekiest moment in his professional career) the X-Tinction Agenda/Extinction Rebellion.


  • Last week’s Hotstove dug into the “asking you to do more” public health messaging, which didn’t quite land.
  • Last February, Hotstove looked at what was then the all-consuming story (ah, the Before Times) of mass protest.
  • Mark Milke on the Washington DC riots/protests/insurgency, and why institutions matter much more than your “team” winning, no matter what team that may be.