#BCPOLI Hotstove: A(nother) long night at the ledge - The Orca

#BCPOLI Hotstove: A(nother) long night at the ledge

Jordan Bateman Large
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Protesters were invited into the legislature to meet with Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation Minister Scott Fraser - and then just didn't leave.

Maclean and Jordan break down the Legislature protest news, including Scott Fraser’s decision to invite seven protestors into the Ledge – a debacle ending in a sit-in and police arrests.

Plus quick hits on ICBC, COVID-19, strata insurance, and more.


  • Last week’s Hotstove also touched on protests, as well as apologies, and situations when it’s a good idea to quote Goebbels. (Never, for the record.)
  • Dallas Smith: What should be an internal Wet’suwet’en disagreement about governance has been co-opted by other groups with their own agendas.
  • Maclean Kay on the much larger protest-slash-blockade at the legislature on Throne Speech day.