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Claiming the Land – the need for a more inclusive story

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A master class in BC history - sit back, relax, and enjoy.

The Orca’s very own Daniel Marshall is an award-winning historian, documentarian, and curator. In this presentation filmed for Shaw Cable in Victoria, Daniel presents an overview of his research into the 1858 gold rush, the need for a more inclusive story, and the lessons it has for BC’s past, present and future.


A fifth-generation British Columbian, Daniel Marshall is an author, professor, curator, documentarian, and researcher focusing on British Columbia’s relatively untold but rich history. He is a recognized leader and award-winning researcher on historic Native-Newcomer relations, and their evolution and implications on Aboriginal rights today. 

His award-winning documentary, Canyon War: The Untold Story, has aired on Knowledge Network, APTN, and PBS. His latest book, Claiming the Land: British Columbia and the Making of a New El Dorado, is available in bookstores across B.C.

Claiming the Land has achieved a rare and possibly unique feat in BC History by winning three major book awards: the Canadian Historical Association’s 2019 CLIO PRIZE for best book on B.C.; the 2019 Basil-Stuart-Stubbs Prize for outstanding scholarly book on British Columbia, administered by UBC Library; and the 2019 New York-based Independent Publishers’ Book Award (Gold Medal for Western Canada).


  • Daniel Marshall on the absolutely crucial role (and high esteem) of HBC’s interpreters in everything from the earliest days of the fur trade to negotiations.
  • Daniel on the grand experiment of British Columbia – and the response to the “imaginary boundary” with the United States.
  • and Daniel again, on the permeable border, which in BC’s early days didn’t prevent a tremendous amount of movement throughout and across the region.