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#BCPOLI Hotstove: Bond. Shirley Bond.

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The Official Opposition has a new (interim) leader. The race to succeed her (still) has three main contenders.

Maclean and Jordan discuss the selection of Shirley Bond as interim BC Liberal leader — and what it means for Todd Stone and Michael Lee. They also consider the Wilkinson era, systemic sexism in the ledge, and the latest COVID measures.


  • Last week’s Hotstove looked at the aftermath of the provincial election, and the many post-mortems.
  • Gavin Dew’s latest piece is referenced this week – and for good reason! Gavin Dew: so hot right now.
  • UnSpun 98 brings George Affleck and Jody Vance together to talk COVID job losses, drug possession decriminalization, and very, very, no-really-I’m SERIOUS, don’t make me write again you just see if I won’t, strongly worded letters to government.