#BCPOLI​ HOTSTOVE: This should have been a busy week - The Orca

#BCPOLI​ HOTSTOVE: This should have been a busy week

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The first few weeks of February are usually chock-a-block with BC politics news - but there's no normal in 2021.

Maclean and Jordan battle through a glitchy Internet to talk about the sudden – and I do mean *sudden* – closure of TSN1040, the NDP’s floundering small and medium sized business program, the still-not-officially-on-but-kinda-started BC Liberal leadership race, and how in better times, this would be a very busy week indeed…but the Throne Speech got punted to March, and the budget to April.


  • Last week’s Hotstove delved into Super Bowl parties (punted!), vaccinations (delayed!) and Jordan Bateman’s geekery (revealed!)
  • So far, the NDP government’s Small and Medium Sized Business Recovery Grant Program in an exercise in somehow failing to give away free money. Somehow. Rob Shaw looks at how and why.
  • In November, Jody Vance reached back into her radio promotions past to find new ways for public health updates (and orders) to reach tuned-out British Columbians.