#BCPOLI​ HOTSTOVE: Power, property, and perceived frontrunners - The Orca

#BCPOLI​ HOTSTOVE: Power, property, and perceived frontrunners

Jordan Bateman Large
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When you're allowed to fish at a lake but can't get to the lake because it's not your land around the lake.

Maclean and Jordan talk about a good week in QP for the opposition, personal property rights, ALC issues, Falcon’s strategy and more.


  • Last week’s Hotstove focused on taking shots at shots fired over people trying to take their shots.
  • Friday meant a new episode – the Vth – of Political Capital, where the V is for Very Good Discussion. Next week will be VI, and we’ll come up with a word that starts with “vi.” Weeks seven and eight get tricky.
  • More podcastery, you ask! UnSpun came unglued – finally some good news on the Covid front. But rest assured, there’s still stuff to be mad about.