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#BCPOLI​ Hotstove: Pandemic despair and taxing thin air

Jordan Bateman Large
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Why should you care? Despair, messaging repair, and taxing thin air.

Maclean and Jordan discuss the troubling pandemic numbers in BC, the Canucks’ outbreak, and the plan to tax the air above small businesses. Plus NPA shenanigans and the nimbleness of the #DewCrew.


  • Last week’s Hotstove was an all-time barn burner, and I cannot BELIEVE you missed it. No, wait…there was no Hotstove last week. As you were.
  • Okay, so two weeks ago’s Hotstove was pretty good. The saga of Andrew Weaver versus Bike Twitter was one to watch – and discuss.
  • Jody Vance and George Affleck never take a week off – how dependable! UnSpun 117 was another gem in a series of them.