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#BCPOLI​ Hotstove: Confusion about the Commission

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Divining the common ground on what appears to be diametrically opposed views should be old hat in BC. And yet.

Maclean Kay and Jordan Bateman react to the vast differences between reports on the Cullen Commission into money laundering. Plus Site C, BC Budget, federal election rumours, Jordan’s backyard rink, and a preview of CHEK TV’s Political Capital with Maclean, Rob Shaw, Jillian Oliver and Katy Merrifield.


  • Last week’s Hotstove weighed into what should normally be a very busy week in BC politics. And yet.
  • Last *year’s* Hotstove was live and in person (remember what that was like) from the annual provincial budget, which is normally slated for this week. And yet.
  • Jordan references the Taylor Bridge, a key piece of infrastructure in the Peace, which as Frank Peebles describes, desperately needs to be replaced. And yet.