BC Moments - Week Eight - The Orca

BC Moments – Week Eight

Maclean Kay

Vancouver Island's winning streak continues in this week's contest - pics like this are why

In The Orca‘s BC Moments, we invite readers to share their B.C. moments with us – a place, a person, a landscape, a monument – whatever spoke to them.

Congratulations to this week’s winner, Beth Allan.

Beth writes:

While on a wonderful, wet, west coast walk with my sissies in Port Renfrew, the sun decided to peek through and the waves came to play. I am humbled by this amazing place we get to live in.

Want to be like Beth?

Do you have a B.C. moment? A place, a person, a landscape, a moment – you can define it however you want. The only important distinction is you also want to share with the readers of The Orca.

If you do, send it to editor@theorca.ca, with a few details: where and when it was taken, and a sentence or two on why this photo sums up B.C. for you.


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