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About Us

Nothing is more important to our democracy and our politics than open discussion. Free debate about the ideas and policies that shape our province and country.

As online media continues to evolve and become the primary source of news and information, it’s important that we hear different voices and opinions.

For a long time, B.C.’s online media landscape has consistently pulled in the same direction, leaving an obvious gap in the marketplace – or if you prefer, an opportunity.

We need more discussion about things like our competitiveness in a global marketplace, creating jobs and opportunity, and what it takes to create, attract, and retain talent and investment.

Our answer is The Orca: a new independent multimedia publication for B.C. politics, business, and history. Our focus is on public policy, issues, and ideas that affect the B.C. economy, investment, jobs and long-term prosperity and opportunities for everyday British Columbians.

What matters most isn’t whether we agree, but how we engage with each other. The Orca believes in intelligent, reasoned debate; fresh thinking; and a combination of common sense and new ideas.